Art and authenticity: Find them all in aris art hotel in Paleochora, Chania.

Aris is an art hotel in Paleochora, Chania. Although the concept of an art hotel is more easily found in big cities, we, the family of aris hotel, have a long tradition in art.

art_hotel_02We love art. And we love to provide top hospitality to – and take great care of – people who visit Chania and Paleochora. So, the concept of an art hotel is second nature for us.

An art hotel in Paleochora, Chania: The decoration in the rooms

In our very recent renovation of our hotel (winter 2015), every room of aris hotel was decorated with unique art items. This way, every room has its own aesthetics and “personality”.

The main art item in every hotel room is the bed headboard. Made by hand from Konstantinos Liatakis, our family artist (see more about Konstantinos below), the headboards are art items that combine the local natural elements with the traditional Cretan craftsmanship.

The original artistic decoration of the rooms doesn’t stop there, though: The multicolor, vivid paint in the walls, the unique bathroom decoration, and lots of small – but significant – details, all together make the rooms of aris hotel a treat for the eyes.

An art hotel in Paleochora, Chania – A hotel that also serves as an open air art gallery

art_hotel_03Our family member, Konstantinos Liatakis is the artist behind the impressive open air art gallery in aris hotel. Konstantinos works with natural elements like wood and stone and creates unique pieces of art, which fascinate and intrigue the imagination of every visitor in our hotel.

The base of the artistic style of Konstantinos is the transformation of the earthy elements into expressive pieces of art. To achieve this, he employs a range of techniques, from sculpture to mosaic creation.

Possibly the best known artist in Paleochora, Konstantinos is constantly creating new art items, and the open air art gallery in the hotel is in a dynamic, ever-changing state, as older art items are sold and new ones take their place.

For us in aris hotel, art and nature form a very powerful combination that reveals the real essence of Paleochora and Chania. We believe that the best way to reach the heart and soul of Crete, is through art.

If in your next trip to Crete you want to stay in a hotel that is as unique as Paleochora itself, if you want to come in touch and experience the original Cretan art in its best, then aris art hotel in Paleochora, Chania is the place to stay.