Keratides beach, Paleochora, Chania

Keratides beach, Paleochora, Chania

Keratides beach is just 2 km east of Paleochora, and is accessible via a paved road and a dirt road in the last part of the route. Its name comes from the “keraties” (which means “carob trees” in the traditional Cretan Greek dialect) that are everywhere to be found in the area.

The beach is relatively isolated and has thick pebbles and very clear water. Apart from swimming, the beach is also excellent for snorkeling. Although it is not organized, next to the beach is the camping site of the area, which has a beach bar among other facilities.

On the beach there are tamarisk trees and rocks that offer shade during the hot summer days. Also, the edge of the beach is popular with nudists.

Keratides beach is one of the most secluded beaches in the area of Paleochora, Chania, but also a beach with a very distinctive “personality” that is worth discovering, if you want to experience something different.