Krios beach, Paleochora, Chania

Krios beach, Paleochora, Chania

Krios beach is 10 km west of Paleochora. It was named after the homonymous Cape Krios, as it is located on the cape’s eastern side.

It is a long beach about 1 km long, which consists of 3 smaller coves with beautiful pebbles and crystal-clear water. The first cove, which is about 50% of the total length of the beach, is not organized and unpopular, as it is exposed to the southern winds, and it also has stones together with the pebbles.

The middle cove, right after the large parking lot, is the most popular. It features sun beds and parasols, and at the back there is a good canteen with tables.

The third, westernmost cove on Krios beach is located right after a rocky formation that reaches the water, and it is the smallest and most secluded of all. You will find sun beds and parasols here too, but you can also find shade in the small natural caves on the rocks behind the beach. This small beach is idyllic and attracts both couples and nudists.

Krios beach, 10 km west of Paleochora, Chania, is one of the most unique beaches of Crete.