Lake of Krios or Viena beach, Paleochora, Chania

Lake of Krios or Viena beach, Paleochora, Chania

Lake of Krios or Viena beach is 12 kilometers west of Paleochora, on the west side of Cape Krios, and is the most remote beach of the coastline in the Paleochora area.

The beach is accessible from the neighboring Krios beach, via a dirt road suitable for cars, which starts from the parking lot. However, you cannot drive to the beach, as the last part of the route is a footpath. The journey itself, either by car or on foot, is a wonderful experience, as it offers panoramic views of one of the most beautiful places in southwestern Crete.

Lake of Krios or Viena beach will enthuse all of you who like natural beaches: It consists of a series of small, isolated and well-protected coves, some of which are rocky, and some have sand. At the back of the beach there is dense vegetation where you can easily find shade and protection from the hot summer sun.

However, what makes this beach truly unique, is that it is situated in the exact location of the ancient Hellenistic or Roman city of Viena. Although few things of the ancient settlement have been preserved to this day, you can still see the rectangular base of the ancient sanctuary of the city, as well as scattered pieces of columns on the beach. This is one of the few beaches in Greece, where you can swim in the clear blue water and see, besides the beautiful shells, broken columns and ancient tombs just below your feet. The beach is one of the best in Crete for snorkeling.

Lake of Krios or Viena beach, located 12 km west of Paleochora, Chania, is a unique beach in many ways. Although you need more time and effort to get to it, the amazing experience will reward you abundantly.