Psilos Volakas beach, Paleochora, Chania

Psilos Volakas beach, Paleochora, Chania

Psilos Volakas beach is just 1.5 km west of Paleochora. The name of the beach means “big rock” in the traditional Cretan Greek dialect, and it comes from the rock that forms the southern boundary of the beach and protects it from south winds.

Psilos Volakas beach is very characteristic and picturesque, and you will most certainly notice it as you drive by on the adjacent road, as both its special shape and its crystal-clear water will easily catch your eye.

The beach has fine pebbles, and is ideal for those who don’t like sandy beaches. It has no shade, and the area around the big rock is perfect for snorkeling.

Psilos Volakas beach, just outside Paleochora, Chania, is one of the most special points of the coastline in this beautiful area of South Crete, with the additional advantage of easy access.