Autumn in Paleochora and South Crete

Autumn in Paleochora

Autumn in Paleochora and South Crete: Feel the beating heart of the island, as it transforms from summer to winter.

Autumn in Paleochora – and South Crete in general – is the favorite season for many travelers. The sun is shining, the south Cretan sea is warm, and Aris Hotel is open all year round to let you experience all the faces of Crete.

Autumn in Paleochora is a period of constant change. It is a time when the island with its unique Cretan nature is transforming from a sunny summertime place to a blooming land preparing for the winter. But let’s take a closer look to this fascinating period in South Crete.

Autumn in Paleochora and South Crete – Month by Month

September is not an autumn month in Paleochora, but a summer one. The sun shines, the sea is warm and crystal clear, and you feel just fine in your summer clothes.

autumn-02September in Paleochora is perfect for people who don’t have to cater for small children, school openings, etc. Many repeat travelers prefer to come in autumn – some of them in September – so expect to meet several Paleochora experts at this time.

The downside is that hotel accommodation in South Crete is still hard to find in September (just like in summer), and the prices are still relatively high.

October is the transforming heart of autumn in Paleochora. The middle month of autumn is the time when, at the same time, summer is still here, but winter is slowly trying to get in the picture.

For many visitors in South Crete this month in autumn is the best by far. This is the time to forget the cold autumn weather of the north, and let a trip to Paleochora awaken your senses, before the winter sets in. This is the time when you can swim in warm water in the morning, and feel the cool, refreshing breeze in the night.

What is magical for many people in October is how the nature in Crete transform itself: It is not only the leaves on the trees that change, but also the quality of the light in the sky, and the color of the sunset.

November in Paleochora marks the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Although the sea is still warm, the Cretan nature changes from the summer’s brown colors, to the winter’s green ones.

The temperatures in South Crete are still high, compared to that in the northern countries, but the mild Cretan winter starts to set in. This is the best month to taste the plethora of the excellent fruits and vegetables of the Cretan land.

Autumn in Paleochora and South Crete – Where to Go, What to Do

There are lots and lots of places to go and activities to do that best fit your autumn Cretan adventure. Let’s start:

First of all, this is the time of the vine harvest. Join the friendly locals on this feast of the connection between man and land, which in Crete is full of local color. Ask the locals and join them in the rakokazana traditional ritual, where they prepare and taste raki, or tsikoudia, the flagship spirit of Crete.

autumn-01But don’t stop there: This is the time of the year where most traditional marriages happen in Paleochora and Crete. If you are interested in the local people and their customs, this is an event you shouldn’t miss. Apart from marriages, autumn is full of religious feasts, like the one of the Holy Fathers (“Agioi Pateres” in Greek) in Azogires village.

This is also the best time to visit the small island of Gavdos to the south of Paleochora. In autumn, this small paradise full of beaches, which is also Greece’s southernmost part, is yours to discover.

Finally, most of the activities you can do in Paleochora and around, become easier and more rewarding in autumn: Walking, trekking, climbing, biking. The weather is cooler and nature is greener and more vibrant.

Autumn in Paleochora is the magical time between summer and winter, when you can experience South Crete in all its glory, with a better climate, and less expensively. This is the time when the locals are more relaxed and friendlier as ever, and when the hustle and bustle of the summer season is winding down.

Autumn in Paleochora and South Crete is the time when you can feel the true nature of the island, far from the crowds and the touristic stereotypes. We look forward to welcome you in Aris Hotel, the all year round hotel in Paleochora, to help you experience Crete as never before.