Spring in Paleochora and South Crete

Spring in Paleochora

Spring in Paleochora and South Crete: A period of regeneration for nature and people alike.

Spring in Paleochora and South Crete is a magical season you have to experience yourself. It is the time when nature awakens from its winter hibernation and overwhelms us with vibrant smells and colors.

Spring is the season that Paleochora and South Crete have this distinct weather: warm in the morning and cool in the night. It is the season when the sun shines all day, but it is not as hot and dry as in the summer.

Spring in Paleochora and South Crete – Best things to do this time of the year

If you like walking and trekking in the nature, this is the season that the world-famous Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe, opens for visitors. Apart from Samaria Gorge, there are numerous other gorges and mountain trails that wait to be discovered.

spring-02Probably the best thing in Paleochora and South Crete this time of the year is the weather. It is ideally balanced between warm and cool, and perfect for long walks in the nature, without the fear of a winter rain, but at the same time without the fear of easy dehydration, as in the summer months.

If you like to socialize with the locals, this is probably the best season, as they are more active during spring, after the long “rest” of winter. Generally, in sync with what happens in nature, the temperament of the Cretan people is also regenerated in spring.

The day in Paleochora that typically marks the beginning of spring and the end of winter, is the 25th of March. It is the Day of the Independence of Greece, and the day that a big feast is taking place in Paleochora. It is also the day that marks the beginning of the tourist season – for the others, as in Aris Hotel we are open all year round.

Finally, a great advantage to visit Paleochora and South Crete in spring are the hotel prices. Although the weather is great and the sun is shining, the price of accommodation is considerably lower than in summer, and you can find great accommodation offers.

Spring in Paleochora and South Crete – Experience the Cretan Easter

Easter in Crete is one of those select travel experiences that are still well-kept secrets among the ones in the know. Many visitors return again and again this particular time of the year, in order to feel the unique Easter atmosphere in the island.

spring-01As Greeks are Orthodox Christians, Easter in Crete normally (as there are exceptions) takes place a week later than the Easter of the Catholic Christians – most of the times in the first two weeks of April.

During the Easter in Paleochora and Crete, the locals are feasting all day, preparing the famous Greek grilled lamb or goat on the spit. The way the meat is prepared is impressive – and the result extra tasty – and this traditional way of cooking grilled meat on the spit dates back centuries ago.

The Cretan Easter is one of the best reasons to visit Paleochora and South Crete in spring. Feel the experience, socialize with the locals, and keep your camera handy for unique photos.

Spring is the best time to visit Paleochora and South Crete, in order to feel the balanced climate – warm and cool – of the island in the period between winter and summer. It is the time to see and smell the blooming nature of Crete in the season of its regeneration.