Summer in Paleochora and South Crete

Summer in Paleochora

Summer in Paleochora and South Crete: The season that everything shines under the Cretan sun.

Summer in Paleochora and South Crete is the season that highlights the hot, sunny nature of the place. This is understandably the season with the most visitors.

Paleochora and South Crete in summer are a mixture of Mediterranean culture and tropical beaches. If you visit the place in summer, there are countless things to do and see, so let’s start.

Summer in Paleochora and South Crete – Beach culture at its best

Imagine this: You lie down on the hot, thick sand of a magnificent beach. The sun is shining, and a light breeze cools you off. The crystal clear sea awaits you.

It seems like a fantasy, but in Paleochora this is the reality. The place is known all over Crete for its numerous splendid beaches. On the two coastal zones to the east and to the west of the village, there is a total coastline of about 18 kilometers, most of which is easily accessible.

There is a select collection of more than 10 beaches with crystal clear water around Paleochora, some of which are among the best in South Crete. The beaches come in a great variety, from sandy to pebbly, from popular to isolated, from deep to shallow… If there is a place where you can find a beach that fits your style, this is Paleochora.

The fine beaches around Paleochora are: Pahia Ammos, Chalikia, Keratides, Anydri, Volakas, Karavopetra, Plakaki, Grammeno, Krios, and Limnaki. It’s easy to get to any of these beaches: just ask the locals for directions.

Summer in Paleochora and South Crete – Things to do and see

Paleochora lies in the center of Southwest Crete, a place that many visitors consider the best part of Crete, and one of the best in Greece.

First of all, to the west of Paleochora lies Elafonissi, a protected tropical beach unique in Europe, and well known the world over. The characteristic pink color of the sand in Elafonissi comes from the myriads of shells in the area.

Another excellent place to visit in summer close to Paleochora, is the famous Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe. The gorge is open during all the summer months.

And let’s not forget Gavdos island to the south of Paleochora. Once a pirate’s lair, Gavdos is the southernmost part of Greece and boasts for some of the best beaches in Crete.

Other points of interest in the area, that you can easily visit in summer, are:

  • The Selinos region with its impressive byzantine churches.
  • The magnificent E4 long distance path for countless hours of walking and trekking in the Cretan nature.
  • The unique Agia Irini Gorge.
  • The archaeological sites of Lissos and Elyros, and the Fortezza Venetian castle in Paleochora.
  • The picturesque small coastal villages of Sougia, Agia Roumeli and Loutro.

Paleochora is one of the best places to explore in South Crete. It is a great destination in its own right, and in summer it really shines, just like the Cretan sun.

This summer it may be your turn to visit and feel the magic of Paleochora and South Crete. And if you choose Aris Hotel for your accommodation, you can rest assured that your summer holidays in Paleochora will be no less of an unforgettable experience.