Winter in Paleochora and South Crete

Winter in Paleochora

Winter in Paleochora and South Crete: Experience the cool, green face of Crete.

Winter in Paleochora and South Crete, is the special time of the year that few and selected visitors to Crete are able to experience.

First of all, the weather in Paleochora is excellent, even during the “cold” (in the north) winter months. Also, the natural landscape of the island is totally different from the one in summer: Crete feels like a completely different land. But let’s take things from the start:

Winter in Paleochora and South Crete – What’s unique this time of the year

Paleochora – and Crete in general – is a very interesting place to visit in winter, too. It is especially recommended for senior visitors and for alternative travel.

Snow in Paleochora, sometimes …

Nature is green all around, showing the magnificent unique flora and fauna of Crete in its best. All around Paleochora you can find trails to walk into the green, and small rivers that appear in winter only.

The locals are more relaxed and “cool” in the winter. The experience of socializing with the locals around a stove, for many visitors is one of the most authentic things Crete has to offer.

After the vine harvest of the autumn, the winter is the time to enjoy the famous wine and raki (or tsikoudia) of Crete. You may also come around a rakokazano traditional event, where home-made raki of excellent quality is produced.

And if you want to taste the cold side of Cretan winter, the towering White Mountains (or Lefka Ori in Greek) are pretty close to visit. Full of snow during the winter, the White Mountains of Crete, and especially the Omalos plateau, are wonderful places that depict the other, colder winter face of Crete. 

Finally, the winter is the time of Christmas and (most of the time) Carnival. Especially the second is consistently celebrated in Paleochora for almost 30 years. 

Winter in Paleochora and South Crete – Things to do

A usuall winter landscape, olive tree nets

If you like trekking, Paleochora in winter will delight you in many ways. First of all, although the Samaria Gorge is closed during the winter for security reasons, the – equally impressive for many visitors – Agia Irini Gorge is open all year round. Also, the European long-distance path E4 in Crete is well maintained and accessible during the winter months, and this time of the year its surroundings are full of green and blooming flowers.

Another terrific thing you can do, is visit the centuries-old Byzantine churches in the villages of the Selinos region. These churches, many of them with frescoes dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries, are witnesses of the significance of the Byzantine era for Crete.

Finally, the “jewel of Crete”, the Old Town of Chania, has a totally different character in winter. More laid back, with fewer visitors, and with more unobstructed photo opportunities, Chania Town in winter is a treat for the senses.

Winter in Paleochora and South Crete is the best time to visit this magnificent place, if you want to feel the cool, green face of Crete. What’s more, hotel prices are very low in relation to summer.

In Aris Hotel, the all year round hotel in Paleochora, we want to let you experience the winter in South Crete like a local, and make your winter vacations in Crete something to remember for a lifetime.