Church of Agia Anna (Saint Anna) - Anissaraki, Kandanos

Church of Agia Anna (Saint Anna) – Anissaraki, Kandanos

To find the byzantine church of Agia Anna (Saint Anna) in Anissaraki, Kandanos, follow the road from Kandanos to Temenia and the relevant signs to the church. Keep in mind that, when you reach the point on the road where the church is located, you should leave your car on the road and continue on foot, as the church is on a hillside and is not visible from the road.

The church is amply decorated with hagiography murals painted in the 14th or 15th century. Among the hagiographies we find scenes from the childhood of Virgin Mary, depicted with her parents Anna and Joachim, as well as the figures of John the Merciful, John the Chrysostom and Gregory the Nazianzinus. A characteristic hagiography of the church, which is very rare, is the one portraying Saint Anna breastfeeding Virgin Mary. There is also a hagiography mural of the horseback Saint George with the young Paphlagonian with the pointed cap, like the one in the church of Archangelos Michail (Archangel Michael) in Sarakina. Another thing that these two churches have in common is the built icon screen.

The byzantine church of Agia Anna in Kandanos (Anissaraki) is a very distinctive church in the region of Chania.