About us

Panoramic view of Palaiochora
Aris Hotel is a unique, boutique hotel in Paleochora of Chania, in the southwestern part of Crete, operating all year round. The hotel stands out because it specializes in experienced hosting with attention to details, while promoting the arts around its premises. Found besides the Fortezza Venetian castle, on the edge of the old town of Paleochora, the hotel’s location is offering the advantage of being just five minutes away from the town’s center, while at the same time being at a safe distance from the summer night buzz.

Aris Hotel has always been a family business, running for over 30 years. It was established in 1988 by the siblings Eleftherios, Eftichios and Konstantinos Liatakis, while today Aris, Eleni and Emmanouela, the second generation, are continuing the tradition of hospitality and are leading the hotel to a new era, with up-grades, up-dates and renovations that earned them an extra star and a certified boutique title.

The hotel’s signature profile is that of an Art hotel. Around the premises, the interior and exterior spaces host art pieces, mainly by the artist Konstantinos Liatakis as well as from other local artists. Every corner, room, common space and throughout our exterior lush gardens, one may find art pieces that create an interconnected open gallery which changes and redefines itself ceaselessly. Konstantinos Liatakis is a multifarious artist, whose workshop is housed within the hotel and whose art work is displayed all around, providing playful, intriguing and distinct design touches.

Architectural wise, the hotel’s style mostly conforms to an island design, with white washed exterior walls, bright splashes of color, common spaces filled with natural light and surprisingly lush gardens. The sophisticated and eclectic interior design exudes positive energy and soul, providing an ideal haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

In agreement with the trends and concerns of our times, we have adopted an eco-friendly approach that aims at saving energy and minimizing out footprint via recycling and energy efficient policies. Installing solar water heaters, solar panels, heat pump, led lights, inverter air conditioners and water savers have earned ISO certificates of quality.

Our love for nature is ceaseless. We have a holistic philosophy which translates into serving the finest and freshest fruits of nature in our breakfast dietary. We offer daily, certified “Greek Breakfast” with fresh produce from local producers. At the same time, we provide significant information to nature lovers and enthusiasts, concerning the area’s natural assets. Paleochora is an ideal destination for alternative activities like walking and trekking all year round. From beaches, to gorges, remote islands and coastal trails and villages, the southern part of Chania is an unspoiled, remote ecosystem that evokes emotions and offers you memories of a lifetime!