Healthy Cretan food: Explore the traditional recipes, and taste the difference.

Healthy Cretan food is one of the basic reasons for the longevity of the Cretan people. Based in the Minoan Civilization that used to inhabit the island of Crete thousands of years ago, the Cretan diet is becoming more popular every day in Europe and the whole world.

The unique byzantine churches of the Paleochora area

In the surrounding area of Paleochora you can find stunning byzantine churches of the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries, which are excellent examples of the ecclesiastical architecture and – above all – of the hagiographical style of their era.

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History of Paleochora

The town of Paleochora didn’t exist in ancient Greek history. The peninsula on which it is built, used to lay under water , and only its highest point – where the remains of the Venetian fort lay today – jutted up like a little island above the surface. A major earthquake made the whole west side of Crete rise up through the sea, and the peninsula of Paleochora emerged from its depths, justifying the town’s nickname The Bride of the Libyan Sea.