Inspired by nature

Aris Hotel is boutique hotel in Paleochora of Chania, operating all year round. The hotel has a long history and through the years it has truly immersed in the free spirited culture of Paleochora and its niche tourism. It clearly stands out because it specializes in experienced hosting with attention to details, while promoting the nature inspired art installations around its premises.

Found besides the Fortezza Venetian castle, on the edge of the old town of Paleochora, the hotel’s location is offering the advantage of being just five minutes’ walk, away from the town’s center, while at the same time being at a safe distance from the summer night buzz.

THE CONCEPT The hotel’s signature profile is that of an Art hotel, inspired by and integrated with nature. Our love for nature is ceaseless, as is the need to be genuinely grounded. This connection nurtures the soul to its core.

We have a holistic philosophy which translates into creating a harmonious environment, complemented by wellness services that aim to detoxify and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.






Woman dancing at hotel

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