Wooden sculpture at hotel

Aris Hotel provides top art accommodation in Paleochora, Chania.

Aris Hotel provides top art accommodation in Paleochora, Chania.

Art accommodation in Paleochora, Chania – Is the location right?

Many people believe that art hotels are better suited to bigger destinations than Paleochora, like Chania city, for example. They believe that there is a specific “vertical market” for art accommodation that you cannot find in more “cool”, down-to-earth destinations like Paleochora. They are wrong.

Each and every year, our hotel is filled with people who want to combine the Cretan coastal village charm with the local art. In many ways, Paleochora is a better art accommodation destination than one of the cities in the north coast of Crete, as it encompasses all that are important in real art: quietness, calmness, and nature.

As every visitor to Paleochora will tell you, Paleochora is not an “art destination”. Paleochora is art itself. The atmosphere of the village is all about the art of living, and the love of nature. And if you think this argument is excessive, a simple visit in Paleochora will change your mind.

Art accommodation in Paleochora, Chania – Art and nature combined

Nature is present in every corner of Paleochora. And as the people behind a genuine art hotel, we love to combine art and nature.

First of all, aris art hotel is surrounded by nature. Also, we take every care to have and keep Aris a “green hotel”, by using environmentally friendly equipment and processes to run it. And this is only the beginning: The rich gallery of fine art pieces of our family artist, Konstantinos, takes place in the lush gardens of our hotel. In aris hotel, art, just like accommodation, is inside nature.

But here, nature is inside art, too. The art pieces in the open gallery of the hotel are made of natural elements like wood and stone. The same is true for the handmade bed headboards in the hotel rooms (every room has its own original handmade art headboard), which do not fail to impress our visitors again and again.

In Aris hotel in Paleochora, art accommodation takes a new, original shape. It is about the place, and it is about the genuine love of art of the people behind the hotel.

Although for some people it may be hard to believe – till they see it, that is – the concept of art hotel has found its original meaning in Aris, a hotel that provides top art accommodation in Paleochora, Chania.