Sandy beach at Palaiochora

Paleochora Beaches

Paleochora Beaches

The superb beaches in and around Paleochora, Chania, will fascinate you

The wonderful beaches of Paleochora are the perfect place to enjoy the invigorating sun and the crystal-clear blue water in the south of Chania region.

With 10 well-known beaches – and some more, which are less known but also notable – Paleochora is one of the few places in Crete and Greece that has an infinite coastline of 18 km, and offers to every traveler a selection of beaches for every taste: From sandy, to pebbled; from popular, to secluded; from beaches with easy access, to beaches with a marvelous, untouched natural environment. During your stay in Paleochora, you have the opportunity to discover all this unparalleled wealth of unique beaches in South Chania, which only Paleochora can offer you.

Sandy Beach


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