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The Cretan Breakfast in Aris Hotel: Taste the best produce of the Cretan nature.

The Cretan Breakfast in Aris Hotel: Taste the best produce of the Cretan nature.

The Cretan breakfast has historically been one of the most important meals of the day for the locals. Originating from the Cretan diet, the “mother” of the Mediterranean diet, the Cretan breakfast includes lots of the local products of the island.

The breakfast in aris hotel is based in the traditional Cretan breakfast, but it also includes many products of the standard “international” breakfast. This way, each morning all of our visitors have the option to select the local breakfast, the international one, or – even better – combine the two!

The Cretan Breakfast: The main ingredients

The breakfast in aris hotel is full of some of the best produce of the Cretan land. The most characteristic of them are the olive products, like local olive oil of excellent quality, three (3) different kinds of local olives, and two (2) different kinds of local olive spreads (green and black).

All of the above are accompanied by a variety of breads, which can be roasted. There is also Greek butter of the finest quality.

Regarding dairies, in Aris’ Cretan breakfast you find three (3) kinds of local cheese: Cretan “mizithra” (cream cheese), Cretan “graviera” (gruyere) and Greek feta cheese. There are also local fresh eggs (boiled, fried or omelet).

For the international breakfast you can find gouda and edam cheese, and also selected cold cuts like salami, smoked turkey, and pariza.

On top of all these, and in order to let you taste some of the more traditional Cretan breakfast recipes, we bake the local small “kalitsounia” pies and small cheese pies a couple of times each week. We also prepare the small “ntakos” treats 2-3 times each week.

The Cretan Breakfast: The sweets and drinks

The Cretan breakfast in Aris is completed by the traditional Cretan sweets, which, according to the healthy Cretan diet, are not todays’ sugary sweets, but natural sweets, like Cretan yoghurt with local honey, nuts, almonds, raisins, dried figs and stewed fruits. There are also more “modern” sweets like home-made cake, local biscuits, and also breadsticks, sesame seed candies, and cereal bars.

Moving on to more “international” breakfast products, there are also two (2) kinds of cereal and also fruit muesli. You can also find three (3) kinds of jam, hazelnut praline, and the local treat: peanut butter from Northern Greece.

To drink, there is fresh orange juice from Cretan oranges (there are fresh fruits, also). For coffee, you can select between fine Jacobs filter coffee, Greek coffee, Nescafe instant coffee, or espresso. If you prefer tea in your breakfast, you can find black tea, green tea, and mountain tea. Finally, there is also pasteurized milk and cocoa beverage.

In aris hotel, our Cretan breakfast initiative is part of our great effort to offer you the best of two “worlds” in breakfast: the Cretan – and Greek – one, and the “international” one. This is the reason we have been certified by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels to serve the real “Greek Breakfast”, which includes the best Cretan produce.