Diving and snorkeling in South Chania

Diving and snorkeling in South Chania: The beaches in and around Paleochora will amaze you.

Diving and snorkeling in South Chania are one-of-a-kind recreational activities that attract increasingly many visitors each year.The Libyan Sea in South Crete – which is the sea of Paleochora – is one of the best fishing grounds in the Mediterranean, with a large variety of fishes and marine species to be found.

Keep in mind that, although for practical (“touristic”) reasons most diving centers are based in the North coast of Chania, diving and snorkeling is best done in the South Chania coast, where tourism development is mild, visitors are less, and the fishes are plenty and more curious.

Diving and snorkeling in South Chania – The beaches

Paleochora is by far the best place to stay to get the most out of your diving and snorkeling adventure in South Chania. The collection of no less than ten (10) fine beaches that are in the area, is unique not only in Crete, but also in Greece.

The big collection of beaches around Paleochora lets you choose from a large variety of diving and snorkeling spots: from rocky shores, to sandy beaches, from shallow , protected bays to deep, cold water bays, the area of Paleochora will amaze you with its variety of beaches. By their name, the beaches in and around Paleochora are Pahia Ammos, Chalikia, Keratides, Anydri, Volakas, Karavopetra, Plakaki, Grammeno, Krios, and Limnaki. To get to any one of these, just ask the locals for directions.

Another excellent location for diving and snorkeling lies in a small distance from Paleochora: Elafonissi beach is a unique tropical beach with white-pink sand (due to the many shellfishes in the area). A treat for the eyes and the senses, the shallow, warm water of Elafonissi is best fit for snorkeling.

Diving and snorkeling in South Chania – The fishes

The Libyan Sea in South Chania is full of fish and other marine species to enjoy from a short distance. Some of the more common marine species in the South Chania sea are the following:

  • The shiny silver seabream, either the striped one, or the saddled one with its characteristic black spot in the root of its tail.
  • The common red seabream, with its bright color.
  • The yellowish gilthead seabream.
  • The fascinating multi-color wrasse fishes (the locals say they are reserved for the lucky ones, but you could be lucky, as there are plenty of them in the South Chania sea).
  • The bright colored comber.
  • The imposing parrotfish.
  • The red scorpion fish (please only admire from a distance and do not touch these: their dorsal spines are poisonous and can harm you!).
  • Small fish species like sardines and picarels.
  • The Mediterranean moray eel (please be careful with these and do not extend your fingers close to their mouth, as they may bite you if they are provoked).
  • And, of course, lots of octopuses – the South Chania sea is full of them.

The area around Paleochora is the best spot for diving and snorkeling in South Chania. It is not a mere coincidence that many experienced divers and snorkelers who visit the Paleochora coast are keen to come back again.

Finally don’t forget these two things:
(a) Always use a good sunscreen when snorkeling, as the sun in Crete is hot, especially during the summer months.
(b) The best place to stay in the area is aris hotel in Paleochora. We know how to help you make the most of your diving and snorkeling holidays in South Chania.