Anydri Beach

Anydri beach is about 3,5km from Paleochora. You need to find your way to Paleochora Camping & Club (a.ka.Keratides beach) which is about 2km from Paleochora and  towards east.

After arriving to Paleochora Camping & Club, find the right turn to the dirt road, 100m after passing camping. If you don’t turn and keep walking to the asphalt road, soon you will arrive in Anydri village!

So, there is 1,5km distance before arriving to Anydri Beach and you just walk straight. Just before arriving to Anydri Beach, you can have a view of the west and central beach of Anydri since you are on a higher level than the sea. You start going down and now you can choose which beach you prefer to swimm! The most popular is the east side beach and that’s where the sand hills are. The pebbles are fine here and there is good snorkel on the east end of the beach! If you come in the high season (July – August) be prepared for lots of cars parked there and families! At the left part of the beach there is the nudists area so be prepared! There is a nice canteen and there are enough umbrellas and chairs to rent! You can also have a nice massage and body treatment from a German specialist! From the east end of the beach, you can start the E4 walking path to Sougia and Lissos. The east beach is great when there is West wind blowing in Paleochora.

The central and west beach of Anydri are less crowded and better choice for the high season. The pebble is still nice but not as good as in the east beach! There is a canteen on the central beach and umbrellas and chairs to rent. The snorkel on the rocks between the two beaches is very good and if you like to swim complete naked try the secluded part of the west beach overlooking Paleochora! The west beach is great choice when there is North wind blowing in Paleochora.