Bespoke Spaces

Paleochora is a destination that mostly attracts visitors that enjoy the great outdoors and seek spiritual and physical wellness. The personal interaction with our guests as well as the feedback we get from reviews has led us to making some out-of-the-box decisions and renovations that incorporate the preferences and lifestyle characteristics of our guests. We have created bespoke spaces with a bohemian, artsy interior/exterior design signature, which offer wellness services and host unique experiences.

Interior Design

We love taking inspiration from nature and raw materials when designing the interior of the hotel. We feel obliged to incorporate the magnificent environment of southern Crete to the hotel’s interior design and create a connection and a smooth transition for our guests, when returning to the room. Bright splashes of color on the walls inspired by the Greek sea, sky and nature create a strong backdrop to bespoke, hand-crafted wooden headboards made by the family’s artist, Kostas.

Vinyl records corner

Vynils Collection
Through the years we have accumulated a large amount of vinyl records due to our collective love for music. Different genres and music styles make up this collection and it was very obvious to us that we wanted to share our music with our guests. This led to the creation of the vinyl records corner where one may enjoy music of the past, exchange opinions and make suggestions. Music unites us all.

Roof Garden

Roof Garden
With enthusiasm, creativity and inspiration, we have created a unique roof garden terrace for everybody to enjoy the outdoors and the backdrop scenery. Hummocks, a distinct lounge area as well as a massage area, compose a chill out roof terrace that favors relaxation and socializing. Enroll for a private or group yoga session or book a massage treatment and enjoy the endless blue of the Libyan sea and the Cretan mountains.

Massage Studio

Massage Studio

Returning from long trekking days, take advantage of our massage services housed in a tropical inspired massage studio at the basement of Aris Hotel and provided by professional massage therapists.


Hotel Garden
We take great pride in our gardens, since they are inextricably connected with the facilities of the hotel and add qualitative value to our guests’ experience. Lush gardens, hummocks, tropical flowers and local flora create a serene and refreshing environment, ideal for a book reading or an afternoon cocktail.

Breakfast Area

We have renovated our breakfast area with new furniture and light fixtures, so as to create a contemporary common space that aligns with the hotel’s design philosophy. Let’s start the day with a smile!

Ground floor terrace

First impressions count the most, especially when you are travelling from afar to your final holiday destination. Our front view, ground floor terrace certainly wins the challenge with its colorful and shaded by trees, sitting area and the art installations that are dispersed all around.